The Freedom to do what you want

Covo Tiny Houses are easy to buy and fun to own

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Covo tiny homes give you the flexibility to live where you want and leave when you want. At Covo Tiny House Co, our mission is to craft houses that provide a sense of freedom: From debt. From clutter. And from being tied down for decades to the same small patch of earth. 

Knowing where to buy a tiny house that is just as mobile and flexible as you are, is now easier than ever! We have designed the perfect blend of modern comfort, cozy atmosphere, and mobile technology to fit your lifestyle. Let us build your dream home today - fill out our simply form below to see just how amazing it can be to build your own tiny home!

Benefits of a Covo Tiny House:

  • No special license needed to move your home - trailer and road safe
  • Thoughtfully designed to make tiny living fun
  • Live simplified - perfect for big city living 
  • Second homes - great for off-the-grid vacation spots

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I park my tiny house?

RV parks, mobile home parks and campgrounds are all traditionally good places to park your tiny house.  There are also tiny house communities all around the United States and Canada that would welcome you as well!

What kind of warranty comes with my tiny house?

All appliances come with a manufacturer's warranty, and we will provide 12 months coverage on anything structural.

What is the average build time for a tiny house?

From the time we get the deposit, it will take around six to eight weeks to go through design, selecting options and upgrades and finally construction and delivering your tiny house.