Thoughtfully designed with the knowledge worker in mind, the Covo Mio is packed with features that make working from home a technological joy. Features such as integrated smart home lighting, heating and security, a sit/stand work desk, built-in 55” monitor and plenty of 2.4 amp USB charging ports ensure that you’ll be able to work with comfortable efficiency. A full working kitchen including a stainless steel cooktop and oven, and plenty of clever storage makes healthy cooking easy. And built in stereo speakers, a seven foot bar top, and our innovative awning window make entertaining simple and fun. (click to see more pictures)


Built for comfort as well as style, the Amica by Covo boasts ample space for cozy living as well as comfortable entertainment. A vaulted ceiling and reclaimed wood accents make the full working kitchen a joy to cook in and entertain from. It’s full sized bath tub, integrated washer/dryer unit and elegantly integrated storage finish the comfy bathroom. And the six foot awning window, integrated bar top and quaint dutch door, make entertaining an absolute joy. (click to see more pictures)


Our newest addition to the Covo Family - the Vero.  This model was designed as a joint venture with the team over at LifeEdited(click to see more pictures)